London Fire Brigade Plans for Emergencies Reported Via Twitter

Seriously though, leave the house first.

Sound the alarm! (Photo:

Sound the alarm! (Photo:

There may be a day coming where your impulse to tweet in every emergency actually does you some good. The Next Web reports that the London Fire Brigade is currently investigating the possibility of setting up a Twitter version of its 999 emergency line.

What exactly that looks like is still up in the air, as they’re still in the exploratory stages. (So for the love of God, Londoners, keep dialing 999 in emergencies.) The Brigade already has a verified account where it updates the public on fires and other news.

“When it was first set up in 1935, people said that dialling 999 to report emergencies would never work,” said deputy commissioner Rita Dexter in a statement. “Today BT handles over 30 million emergency calls each year.”

Of course, it’s probably not a lack of reports via tweet that’ll be the problem. It’s the opposite that’s going to create a massive migraine for London’s firefighters.

If you think high school kids are bad IRL about pulling the fire alarm, just wait until you get the rumor-producing turbine that is Twitter into the picture. If this feed really happens, it’s going to bring new life to that hoary old saw about shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.