Cancel All of the Gift Guides: Everyone Gets This Sean Jean Pullover With Built-In Video Screen

Your shopping is done, and you are welcome.



Get your wallet and brace for one-stop holiday shopping. CNET reports that Macy’s has teamed up with Diddy-owned clothier Sean Jean to create THE must-have gift for the men in your life: A fleece sweater that comes with a video screen sewn into the sleeve.

Stylish does not even begin to describe it. Also it’s great for costume parties, in case you want to dress up as a Times Square billboard.

Check these specs:

A 2.8-inch OLED display slips into a pouch on the fleece pullover and displays video at a resolution of 320×240. The palm-size video unit has 2GB of onboard memory for storing videos, so wearers can customize their sleeve showings, and it boasts up to 10 hours of battery life.

Or, as Macy’s put it: “Wearable electronics is the next big thing–it’s a game changer. Just think of all the attention you’ll get at the clubs!”

Game. Changer.

List price is $198, but if you act now, one of these babies can be had for $125 a pop. We give it about two weeks before the Biebs turns up wearing one.