Mayor Bloomberg Isn't Worried About the End of the World



On his weekly radio show this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed a number of topics, including an evaluation system of public school teachers, mobile phone applications to hail taxi cabs and, most notably, the upcoming Apocalypse as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

“You might not have to show up here next Friday because the world is supposed to end,” the host, John Gambling, said to Mr. Bloomberg at the end of their segment. “Do you have any concerns?”

Mr. Bloomberg’s response indicated he did not have any particularly huge concerns, however.

“Yeah, I better make sure my socks are folded,” he joked, pausing several seconds to snicker.

The mayor, known for his passion for public health policy, then suggested that a high-calorie food item might not be as problematic next Friday given the gravity of the situation.

“And there’s that one meal that’s not good for my waistline, but…the trouble is that if you know it’s going to end, you’re not going to be hungry,” he mused.