McAfee Expelled to Miami: ‘The Officers Are Here With Guns and I Must Leave’

"I have no choice in the matter, however, I'm perfectly happy with the decision."

McAfee and Vice editor in chief Rocco Castoro. (Vice.)

McAfee and Vice editor in chief Rocco Castoro. (Vice.)

They most recent chapter in the fantastical tale of John McAfee’s escape from Belize is coming to a close, as the software pioneer was released from a Guatemalan detention center and is being expelled from the country.

Mr. McAfee, who has been on the run from Belize police since the murder of his next door neighbor last month, will be boarding an American Airlines flight bound for Miami later this afternoon, Mr. McAfee said today in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Cory Johnson.

“I’m being expelled, I will have to leave today” he told Bloomberg. “I’ll be leaving on the 3:40 flight for Miami on American Airlines, and I have no choice in the matter, however, I’m perfectly happy with the decision.”

Mr. McAfee’s flight back to the United States may be the most ordinary event in the month-long drama, which has seen Mr. McAfee concoct strange disguises, carry on a never-ending string of media interviews from hiding, and blog at length about his ordeals and about the humanitarian conditions in Belize.

In a recent twist, Mr. McAfee accused Vice magazine, which had two journalists embedded with the fugitive, of intentionally exposing his location so they could get exclusive video of his arrest.

When asked whether he thought the Belize government would continue to seek him for questioning, Mr. McAfee fell back on a familiar refrain, averring that the police in the Central American nation intended to harm him.

“I’ve offered to talk to the police numerous times on the phone,” he said. “This is not an issue of talking about a murder. It’s a matter of putting my hands on the person.”

Nor did he miss the chance his deportation offered to funnel traffic back to his blog: “If you go to my blog at, it’s all described there, there’s 4 million words of text and a few pretty pictures.”

With that, Mr. McAfee bid Mr. Johnson adieu. “But sir, the officers are here with guns and I must leave.”