Morning Links: Superman Edition

Laurie_Anderson_Superman_videoCalvin Tomkins profiles Laurie Simmons. [The New Yorker]

Artforum tackles Lana del Rey. [Artforum]

Wade Guyton, the Bloomberg interview. (“If only Enron knew how valuable their chairs could be!”) [Bloomberg]

Agnes Denes is profiled by The Times. [NYT]

National Geographic photographs will be auctioned at Christie’s. [WSJ]

Architects have built a trampoline road in a Russian forest. [The Guardian]

Here are some Mark Rothkos made out of colored rice. [NPR]

The absurd inheritance tax on Rauschenberg’s Canyon is just another example of government getting in the way of business. [WSJ]

Why build a Louvre in Lens? [The Independent]

Morning Links: Superman Edition