Booting Up: Brace for Social’s Invasion of Netflix

Don’t be alarmed, but it’s very possible you wasted money on that smart TV. [PC Mag]

Companies might be reconsidering Amazon Web Services, after one outage too many. [Wall Street Journal]

Netflix is preparing to roll out new social features, like the ability to share what you’ve watched (if you want) through the company’s Facebook app. So you’d better finish watching every available episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” on the double quick. [TPM]

Doesn’t look like Poke is going to dethrone Snapchat juuust yet. [GigaOm]

Speaking of online video: is Hulu about to lose a lot of employees? [AllThingsD]

We hope you didn’t bet any serious money on the new version of Myspace turning the old girl around. [The Verge]