On the Market: Bloomberg Says Boardwalks Will Be Concrete; Daphne Guiness Spills from Standhope; AIDS Memorial Approved

Some former Atlantic Yards renters are eager to move into the new prefabs. [Daily News]
More details on how those prefabs will be built. [Brownstoner]
Boardwalks no more: mayor says Coney, Rockaways will get concrete paths. [NY Times]
Sweet revenge! Evac’d Parker Meridien builds crane collapse gingerbread house. [Curbed]
Daphne Guiness finally finds buyer for her Stanhope spread, but sells for a loss. [Real Deal]
The R train is running downtown south of 34th Street, but not yet to Brooklyn. [WNYC]
MTA’s Sandy recovery even more expensive because of ruined switches. [Journal]
HUD’s Shaun Donovan says top priority is digging the region out from Sandy. [Real Deal]
Queens co-op wants to eject pet pig, but can’t because bylaws only forbids dogs. [NY Post]
Ridership on the Rockaways H-train shuttle is low, but it brings hope. [NY Times]
Meanwhile, Bloomberg says spend billions expanding the subway, not fortifying it. [CapitalNY]
How to throw a holiday party without pissing off the neighbors. [BrickU]
Frederick Douglas Boulevard is booming, but not to the benefit of all Harlem. [NY Times]
How long before the Seaport and Statue of Liberty reopen? [Crain’s]
Greenwich Village AIDS memorial approved by Landmarks Commission. [ArchPaper]
Seaport’s Pier 17 could stay closed through summer, when big renovations begin. [DNAinfo]
Will the Kingsbridge Armory boost values in the neighborhood? [Journal]
James Gardner hates the new New Museum building on 14th Street. [Real Deal]
Big plans for sprucing up Fulton Street in Brooklyn. [Brownstoner]
Will City Hall shut down “unsafe” recovery efforts in Staten Island? [NY Times]
Ice rink comes to Battery Par City, bringing some cheer to battered area. [DNAinfo]
Will capping mortgage deductions stymy housing prices? [Real Deal]
The rise and fall of the great Brooklyn chicken coop. [CapitalNY]
DMV data shows a fall in pedestrian deaths. [Streetsblog]
I’ve got a castle in Greenpoint to sell you, and only for $2.8 M. [Curbed]
Why you should tip the doorman more this year. [BrickU]
The Queens Midtown tunnel is the slowest, and not just because of Sandy. [NY Post]
Taconic will build 837 Washington despite having no signed tenants. [Journal]
Preservationists hope Doug Steiner will preserve 12th Street church. [Local EV]
A profile of Columbia’s “ghetto” professor. [NY Times]
Very tall UES apartment tower rising after four years stalled. [Curbed]
Park Slope diver bar wants to secede from the Brobos. [Journal]
Roman hipsters open restaurant in… Williamsburg. [BK Paper]
House from Nashville T.V. show tries to cash in on its 15 minutes. [NY Times]