Get Ready for Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, In Glorious 3D

We ARE entertained!

HRH. (Photo: Gwyther-Jones)

HRH. (Photo: Gwyther-Jones)

Every Christmas, Queen Elizabeth, the monarch of the United Kingdom, gives a Christmas speech to the nation. It’s typically pretty mild fare–she’s expected to reflect on her Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, for example, leaving out much discussion of Will and Kate’s blessed event.

But this year’s address will be a bit different, reports the Daily Mail:

Viewers will be able to watch the Queen’s speech in 3D.

She recorded the message at Buckingham Palace in the new format on Friday – becoming the first royal to use the technology.

This is probably the only thing Sam Worthington and Queen Elizabeth will ever have in common, other than birthplaces somewhere in the Commonwealth.

Of course, only viewers with 3D televisions will be able to appreciate her Britannic majesty in her full 3D glory. This is surely the most unexpected subsidy for the TV business of all time.

(h/t New York Daily News)