Researchers Plan Test to Determine Once and For All Whether We’re Living Inside the Matrix




Possibly stoned NASA scientists have already conjectured that we may live inside a computer, much to the delight of Matrix fans. Now, researchers at the University of Washington–a state which just legalized recreational marijuana!–are planning the first-ever test to determine whether or not our world really is a super sophisticated computer simulation. Duuuuude.

The truth is we’re still many years away from possessing the supercomputing power to simulate even a significant fraction of the universe. But fear not! Some physicists believe that by searching for patterns within the working model of the universe that we do have, we may be able to “detect ‘signatures’ of constraints on physical processes.” The test will help determine whether or not our entire lives have been one big joke devised by a technologically advanced future species that invented this whole “Snapchat trend” just to see our boobs, which they probably made out of space material.

The test will take many years to accurately complete. For now, allow your mind to be blown by the notion that we could all just be avatars on a future child’s starter computer.