Rothko Vandal Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

The defaced Rothko. (Courtesy the Guardian)

The defaced Rothko. (Courtesy The Guardian)

Remember that guy who defaced a Mark Rothko painting at the Tate and then compared himself to Duchamp in an interview with the BBC? Yeah, he’s going to prison for two years.

Vladimir Umanets signed his name on Rothko’s Black on Maroon, tagging the painting with the phrase, “A potential piece of Yellowism.” Yellowism, if you’ll recall, is the name of the dumb art movement that Mr. Umanets founded. A prosecutor, according to The New York Times, said that the damage to the painting was valued at $300,000 and that restoration could take up to 20 months.

Hey, maybe folks’ll take a liking to Yellowism in prison, am I right? No?