Sugar Daddy Site Says Service Most Popular Among Jewish Dudes, Wishes You a Happy Hanukkah

"Evangelicals" take the number-two spot.

Because you've got billz, billz, billz. (Photo:

Because you’ve got billz, billz, billz. (Photo:

There are many important factors to consider when evaluating a potential sugar daddy. Perhaps a less common metric than net worth: Is he a man of faith? If so, which faith?

The personals site (“The #1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site,” they tell us) has released the results of a study on the religious preferences of its population of would-be benefactors. The most common religion: Judaism, clocking in at 28 percent.

Evangelicals were the runners up at 17 percent, with Catholics rounding out the holy trinity at 14 percent. Completing the top five were the catchall “Protestantism” (pretty sure evangelicals still count as Protestants?) and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. It seems men of the Episcopal faith are the least inclined toward a little quid pro quo, composing a mere 1 percent of Seeking Arrangement’s sugar daddies. Even Mormon dudes made a better showing, with 2.8 percent.

SeekingArrangement founder and CEO Brandon Wade chimed in on the results:

“We cater to the affluent, and historically, religion has played an important factor in socioeconomic standing.”

Oy vey. Yeah, we’re not touching that with a ten-foot pole.

Overall, 88 percent of the site’s sugar daddies were willing to check a box identifying themselves with a particular faith and 39 percent “regularly” attend religious services. Makes sense. Their online habits likely require an awful lot of Hail Marys.