Sext in Motion: Snapchat Is Now the Snapchat for Video

"They basically live on our server until they're viewed and then they’re gone forever."

It seems like just 18 hours ago, we were begging some industrious app developer to get at us with a pitch for “the Snapchat for video,” that would let you send snippets of film with a self-destruct button. From that clamoring pit of public demand arose Vidburn, a video sharing app built for fun by the folks at Lamplighter Games at a Hack Day. “We had so many laughs playing with it afterwards that we spent a week cleaning it up for primetime. It was just submitted to Apple today so it should be live in about a week,” Lamplighter cofounder Kris Minkstein told us by email, offering to send a TestFlight.

But Vidburn may arrive at the App Store DOA because moments ago Snapchat just released an update that lets you send videos for 10 seconds or less. “We’ve been planning on today for a little while,” cofounder Evan Spiegel told Betabeat by phone, shrugging off questions about the timing of the release.

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