Snoop Dogg’s Moses Takes Down Santa Claus in New Insanity-Laden Christmas Rap [Video]

So this is a thing, now. (ERB)

So this is a thing now. (ERB)

The YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles of History” is pretty fantastic; pitting two famous but incongruous figures together for something resembling that final scene of 8 Mile. It’s the dirty dozens when Cleopatra met Marilyn Monroe, or the time Darth Vader showed Hitler what true evil really looks like. Who would drop the best beats: Doc Brown or Dr. Who? These are the questions that need answering.

Now ERB is at it again, with its biggest celebrity yet: Snoop Dogg as Moses, in a Christmas song that is sure to leave many people confused about why Santa Claus hates Jewish people so much.

Putting aside the idea that Santa Claus hating Moses smacks of unnecessary anti-Antisemitism on Kris Kringle’s part, there’s just something really “great” (not great) about listening to a biblical figure spit rhymes like “I’ll split your ass in half, like I did the Red the Sea.”

But there are some pretty smart (for Snoop Dogg) concepts in this rap battle. “You ain’t a saint you a slaver,” Snoop/Moses spits. “Like a pharaoh in the snow, stop with the unpaid labor.” But the elves themselves defend their oppressor and mock Moses, saying “Here’s a GPS, who gets lost for 40 years?”

In conclusion, Django Unchained. “Oh Sookie.” Both of those things.