Soon Even Your Brain Could Be Hacked, Turning You Into a Killing Machine

"This new battlespace is not just about influencing hearts and minds. It’s about involuntarily penetrating and coercing the mind."

(Photo: MNN)

(Photo: MNN)

Worrying about having your email hacked is so 2012. Instead, the newest hacking trend researchers are examining is less about your online life than it is about your physical body: soon, blackhat badasses and government spies could hack into your brain. (Dun dun dun.)

Wired reports that brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies currently in development could result in full-scale mind-control that could turn even the most mild-mannered among us into a biological killing machine. While the positive outcomes of successful BCIs are manifold–take functional bionic limbs, for example–they’re also vulnerable to malware attacks that could transform someone into a mind-controlled weapon.

Writes Wired:

The possibilities for damage, destruction, and chaos are very real. This could include manipulating a soldier’s BCI during conflict so that s/he were forced to pull the gun trigger on friendlies, install malicious code in his own secure computer system, call in inaccurate coordinates for an air strike, or divulge state secrets to the enemy seemingly voluntarily.

Your move, Michael Bay.