Spider Astronaut Survives Space, Then Dies in the Smithsonian

There are worse places to die, we suppose.

R.I.P., Spidey. (Photo: Smithsonian)

R.I.P., Spidey. (Photo: Smithsonian)

Sad news for spiderkind: Space.com reports that Nefertiti, a jumping spider who participated in International Space Station experiments in weightlessness, has passed away at the Smithsonian, where she was on display. She was ten months old.

The Smithsonian announced Nefertiti’s passing via Facebook:

The loss of this special animal that inspired so many imaginations will be felt throughout the museum community. The body of Neffi will be added to the museum’s collection of specimens where she will continue to contribute to the understanding of spiders.

No foul play is suspected. In lieu of flowers, we’re pretty sure she’d request that you maybe not kill any spiders today.

(h/t Popular Science)