To Do Wednesday: Fairly Humorous

Judd Apatow (Getty Images)

Today is the street date of the most anticipated Vanity Fair cover since Jennifer Aniston announced that, yes, she did want kids. Judd Apatow has guest-edited the glossy rag (it’s sort of like when Roseanne guest-edited The New Yorker, but five times as long and far more self-serious), presumably commissioning photo spreads of his coterie of comedy stars (who will be the one to surprisingly doff his or her clothes? Seth Rogen? Lena Dunham? Jason Segel?) and long think pieces on the state of comedy in These Economic Times … Meanwhile, another old-school publication trying something altogether new, the Village Voice, throws its third annual web awards for the best stuff out there online.

Vanity Fair’s comedy issue hits stands today; the Village Voice Web Awards, Drom, 85 Avenue A, 7pm, RSVP at