What’s Old Is New Again: A Video Tour of the Future New York Public Library

In addition to unveiling its new designs by British Pritzker Prize winner Lord Norman Foster (quite the busy NYC architect these days), the New York Public Library also posted a YouTube video of what it will be like to inhabit the new circulating library inside the grand old Schwartzman Building, when it opens in six years—among the crazy projects is digging a new set of stacks under Bryant Park as a diagram from the Library (below) reveals.

What we especially like about this video is how it shows the seemingly seamless transition between new and old within the library. For all the sturm und drang over the fate of research in the building, for the average New Yorker who is just interested in checking out a book, this seems like a considerable upgrade from the Mid-Manhattan digs across the street.

Finally, the rest of us might start going to the big library, too.



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