Booting Up: Is Facebook Picking Up a New Mobile Messaging App?

(Photo: Wikimedia)

(Photo: Wikimedia)

“If you put yourself in the position to ask for something that is already legal, you’ll find you’ll never be able to roll out.” Perpetual bull-in-a-china-shop Uber is having some issues with regulators. [New York Times]

After ballooning to 84 companies this summer, Y Combinator is cutting back to less than fifty fundees. [YC]

Looks like Facebook is still hacking away at the problem of mobile: Now that Instagram has been fully assimilated, there’s talk of the social networking buying the paid mobile messaging app Whatsapp. [TechCrunch]

The battle for same-day shipping supremacy is commencing, and it ain’t gonna be cheap. [Wall Street Journal]

Free your miiind, man: Cast off the finance lens, with its talk of “bubbles,” and focus on the product lens. That means asking not whether a sector is overfunded, but something more like, “have the products in area X caught up to the best practices of the industry? Are they reaching their potential?” [Chris Dixon]