30 Rock Wrap-Up: The Best of Jenna Maroney (Video)

We feel you, girl. (NBC)
You know what? We’ll admit it: Out of all the characters on 30 Rock, we don’t identify as the workaholic, grumpy, frumpy-but-really-attractive Liz Lemon. We have to do us, and we’re Jenna Maroney fans through and through. Whether discussing her dalliances with Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts or having a surprise wedding with her transvestite boyfriend at her bosses’ funeral, we identify with Jenna’s self-aggrandizing, attention-seeking fame-baller. She’s almost an innocent: Her lack of self-awareness and child-like belief in the power of celebrity makes us want to go look in a mirror and sing “All By Myself.”

…she lied.

Jenna the performer:

and a philanthropist:

Who wants a baby:

With her own fears:

….And loves:

And singing abilities!:

Muffin Top from Martin Torres on Vimeo.

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