Adrien Brody and Lindsay Lohan Star in ‘Comedy’ by ShamWow!’s Prostitute-Beating Vince Offer (Video)

Adrien Brody in InAPPropriate Comedy (YouTube)

Adrien Brody in InAPPropriate Comedy (YouTube)

Did you ever wonder where late night infomercial hosts go after they ruin their career? I know I sure do! And now, thanks to InAPPropriate Comedy, the brainchild of ShamWow!’s Vince Offer, a man who was once arrested on felony battery charges after hitting a 26-year-old prostitute on Miami Beach. It’s rude, it’s crude, it definitely stole a font from, and it also stars Adrien Brody.

Obviously, this will be an outstanding feature, remembered in the pantheon of films as being “like the Scary Movie franchise, but way worse.”

Weirdly, this is not even the first spectacularly bad comedies that Mr. Offer has made. (See: Underground Comedy.) How he ever got the funding to make another, and stock full of B-listers like Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Ari Shaffir as “The Amazing Racist”?

Wait, Lindsay Lohan? Guess that infomercial industry is paying dividends in cocaine these days.