Morning, Sunshine! Did Your Muted iPhone Notifications Let You Sleep Late?

Give up, go back to bed.

Zooey Deschanel iphone

“Siri, why did you let me sleep late?”

Another year, another iOS problem dealing with January 1. Some users are reporting that  “Do Not Disturb,” which lets you mute calls and other notifications during specific times,  is not shutting off at the preset time on their iPhones and iPads. That means that if you use the setting to get a little shut-eye, you probably slumbered blissfully on this morning instead of waking to the pings and rings of New Year’s greetings.

Alarms, however, are unaffected–so use a different excuse if you’re running late for something today.

A MacRumors user complained in the forums:

“I am finding that my iOS devices (iPhone 4 and iPad 2) are showing “Do Not Disturb” even though it is outside of the time I set for them. Not sure if this is related to the new year. Reloading the devices does not help and the software is up-to-date.”

9 to 5 Mac reports similar instances; at least one iPad at the Verge was affected.  But the problem doesn’t seem to be universal, and manually disabling the setting fixes the problem.

We suggest you simply take this as a helpful hint from your zen friends at Apple that it is a national holiday and there is probably no reason for you to be looking at emails today.