Booting Up: Apple Might Buy Itself a Solution to the Maps Mess

Special Instagram-edition. (Photo:

Special Instagram-edition. (Photo:

Scuttlebutt says Apple might be interested in acquiring navigational app Waze. If only Apple had a time machine that would let them do so six months ago. [TechCruch]

Twitter is worth about $11 billion these days, if you judge based on how it trades on the secondary market. [Business Insider]

Google+ is growing–largely because users of Gmail, YouTube and the like have to sign up. [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of THE GOOG, that antitrust investigation might finally come to an end today. [Bloomberg]

What Anonymous managed to dig up and how in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case, including that video (which will destroy your faith in humanity, consider yourself warned). [The Atlantic Wire]