Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reddit: Plans for Twins 2 With Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito

“Arnold, you’ve lived three lives in one. You were the reason I started working out when I was a kid, you’re an inspiration to all. A bodybuilder, actor then Governor. Which has been the most challenging role in your life?
And the question on everyone’s mind: “Will you be making Twins 2?
This bonus question wasn’t answered in cursive, but it still bears repeating: When asked what he most regretted, Mr. Schwarzenegger responded:

I most regret not doing The Rock. I love the movie, and it turned out well. When it was offered to me there was only an 80 page script with a lot of handwriting and scribbles and it didn’t seem fully baked. But they obviously did a fantastic job.

But who would he have played? Nic Cage? Sean Connery? We don’t think he’d have been believable as a  government chemist.