Barney’s Kin ‘Shoots Neighbor’ in Latest Disturbing Kid Show Scandal



Looks like the Barney clan isn’t such a happy family after all.

An altercation in a peaceful Malibu neighborhood turned ugly last Wednesday, when 27 year-old Patrick Leach, son of Barney & Friends creator Sheryl Leach, shot his neighbor, 49 year old Eric Shanks, in the chest.

The violence occurred following a verbal dispute over a “trespassing issue” according to the Malibu Times. Clearly Mr. Leach didn’t watch enough of his mom’s show as a child, or else he skipped the episode about how you shouldn’t shoot your neighbor in the chest every time you get in an argument, though we feel that this might have been implied by all that “I love you, you love me” love-thy-neighbor dino-propaganda.

Thankfully, Mr. Shanks survived the shooting, but Mr. Leach was booked for attempted murder, before being released on a hefty million-dollar bail.

“Look, he comes from big money, so he was able to post that kind of bail the same day he was arrested,” said Malibu Sherrif’s Station rep Lt. Matthew Squire in the Malibu Times.

Nice to see the revenue from all those Barney VHS’ that you bought your kids is going to a good cause.

While we’re disappointed to hear the name of our favorite loveable anthropomorphized creature dragged through the muck, it’s hardly the first time: the Barney kid shooting joins a long line of disturbing kids show scandals, from the Elmo child abuse allegations to that bizarre triple homicide committed by a retired Red Power ranger.

What’s next, Blue viciously mauls a child while hunting for clues?