Booting Up: Okay, Which of You Robbed That Paris Apple Store?

(photo: Twitter)

(photo: Twitter)

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, tweets in New York’s time zone peaked at 13,336  per second. In the time zone shared by Seoul and Tokyo, however, tweets hit 33,388. Also, Ne-Yo tweeted that his resolution is to go vegan. [Twitter]

Public services like schools and city governments are sick and tired of slow-ass Internet. [Wall Street Journal]

“‘We are an expensive loan compared to credit cards or what you can get from your family,’ he says. ‘The problem is not everyone can get credit cards, or can borrow money from their family.'” [Wired]

Somebody robbed a Parisian Apple store on New Year’s Eve, bagging about a million euros’ worth of loot. [BBC]