Broquets: ‘We’ll Sell Them Buckets of Barbecue Sauce and Wrap It In Fish Net’

Rugged fish net!

BroquetBucketIt has been called to our attention that there is a company selling something called Broquets on the Internet, basically, gift baskets for the meat-eating, Axe cologne-wearing man your life, a business concept so slight it never could have existed before the Internet.

But it does! And we’d like to imagine that it was created in a living room strewn with crumpled beer cans and spilled bong water, above the muted broadcast of an SEC football game:

“Dude, did you ever realize that there’s no male equivalent to buying flowers for chicks?”

“I mean, we have birthdays too.”

“We should do that.”

“Give each other birthday bouquets?”

“Naw, man. Bro-quets.”


“We can fill it with barbecue sauce and beef jerky and high-end shaving gear.”

“Bro stuff!”

“We can pack it in buckets and wrap it in rugged fishnet casing. We’ll sell it on the Internet.”

“Is this a … start … up?”

“Let’s start working on a business plan.”

We’re going to the Valley.”

“We’re going to be rich.”

(H/t Callie Schweitzer)