Good News, Cat Ladies! There’s Now a Social Network Exclusively for Cat Pics

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Cats! Cats! Cats!

Cats! Cats! Cats!H

All but the most obsessive cat ladies surely recognize that unless your kitty is Maru, you can only post so many pictures before you start hemorrhaging Facebook friends. It’s a dilemma for which there is now a solution: Catmoji, a newly launched niche social network (with an interface that works a lot like Pinterest) built solely for the purpose of sharing photos and videos of cats.

“The Internet loves cats, we also love cats and cats make people happy,” Malaysian-based founders Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo explained via email. “Our mission is to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats.”

Upon creating a profile, you can browse by mood, like “cute” or “sad.” (Hence the emoji half of the name; the “cat” part is presumably self-explanatory.) A gander around the site suggests a mix of photos uploaded by users and those grabbed from elsewhere on the Internet, like this picture of Grumpy Cat.

“Catmoji is a serious business,” the pair insisted. “We want to be the online identity for cats, i.e. Facebook for cats.” They didn’t explain their monetization plan, but hey–if they ever reach more than a few thousand users, it’ll probably an easier way than Facebook for Fancy Feast to reach customers. The trick will be attracting cat-pic-crazed users away from niches within the massive platforms where they already spend their time, like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

“Catmoji offers a different experience all together compared to those social networks,” the founders explained. For one thing, there’s the rather specific raison d’être. The site has an array of feline-focused features, such as the ability to choose one of several “catvatars.” (This reporter went with a British Shorthair.) However, users can also share what they post to Facebook and Twitter.

For now there is no canine counterpart, “but maybe in the future.”

Good News, Cat Ladies! There’s Now a Social Network Exclusively for Cat Pics