Charlie Dugan, the Voice of the Non-Girls Generation

charliedugan Charlie Dugan, the Voice of the Non <em>Girls</em> Generation Last week, Jesse David Fox and Sarah Frank of Vulture slapped a camera on and ventured all the way out to Greenpoint. Why? Because the customers of Cafe Grumpy aren’t going to interview themselves about Girls! (False.)

But in between depressing responses from baristas–“I had a customer come down from Canada, and he visited Grumpy’s because he saw the cafe on Girls“– and obnoxious responses from hipster residents–“We don’t think of it as this cool neighborhood…well, it is a cool neighborhood, but we don’t think of it as like, this like, entity. It’s just Brooklyn”– there was a moment of pure, undiluted honesty. One man, just one, was brave enough to speak his real feelings about Lena Dunham’s program. That man was Charlie Dugan.


Here’s the rest of the video, if you want to see people act like real jerks.