Crazed ‘Shoplifter’ Bites Boutique Worker Over Jimmy Choos

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Some women will literally fight tooth and nail for a pair of Jimmy Choos.

The dental drama went down at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday, when a store clerk spotted Brooklyn resident Melissa Scott, 28, walking around Cadillac Castle, an East Village vintage shop, with tags sticking out of her purse, according to

But when the employee approached Ms. Scott to take back the $350 knee-high Jimmy Choo boots, Ms. Scott fought back—or rather, bit back.

And this was no minor nibble, mind you. According to the shop’s owner, Ms. Scott clamped her teeth so tightly around the employee’s right hand that a neighboring storeowner had a pretty hard time prying her off.

The bite apparently drew blood, and the employee was required to obtain a booster shot, tetanus shot, and whatever other vaccinations are advised following an attack by a strange human’s mouth.

But wait—that’s not all. After being forcibly removed from the employee’s hand, Ms. Scott fled up the block to St. Mark’s Place (probably not unlike a depraved vampire). There, she was met and restrained by a police officer—whom she bit as well—and was finally arrested.

Police charged Ms. Scott—who has a history of assault charges (we wonder if they’re also teeth-related?)—with robbery, assault and possession of stolen property.