Cuomo Pledges His 'Full Support' for Obama's Gun Proposals

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

It’s not just Mayor Michael Bloomberg who’s offering effusive praise for President Barack Obama’s gun initiatives that the White House rolled out today. In a statement released this afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo noted he accomplished his own gun control legislation earlier this week and offered words of encouragement for Mr. Obama’s own efforts.

“We have done it here in New York, and Congress should stand with the President to make our nation a safer place for all,” Mr. Cuomo said.

Some critics have accused Mr. Cuomo rushing gun policy deal through Albany’s legislative process in order to beat Mr. Obama to the punch. The governor countered that speed was necessary to avoid a spike in assault weapon sales as the Legislature deliberated the details.

In his statement, Mr. Cuomo also argued that since many of the gun crimes in New York come from weapons purchased out of state, federal action is needed to control violence within the Empire State.

“As many of the illegal guns in New York come from out of state, I strongly applaud the President’s proposal for tougher gun trafficking laws that will help to end the proliferation of lethal weapons across state lines,” he said. “These are reasonable and sensible proposals that have nothing to do with the right to bear arms, or the interests of hunters or sportsmen. Our nation has experienced far too much bloodshed as a result of gun violence, and the time for action is now. I commend the President for his leadership and swift action to stem the tide of gun violence, and I pledge my full support to seeing these proposals put into law.”