Elon Musk Asks Boeing If Maybe They Need a Little Help with Those Planes

Bet this guy travels with a sack of futuristic inventions, just for kicks.

Mr. Musk, please take my money. (Photo via flickr.com/jurvetson)

“Should we give ’em a hand?” (Photo via flickr.com/jurvetson)

Things aren’t looking so great for Boeing right now, as the 787 Dreamliner has morphed into a nightmare. Turns out the lithium ion batteries that were supposed to be such an innovation are showing a distressing tendency to go wrong in one way or another, and the brand new model is currently grounded.

But hey, it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? And it looks like there’s at least one person willing to lend a hand. Via the Next Swiftmoney Web

We can’t say we’re surprised. This is the guy who basically sidled up to NASA and was like, “Hey, ya’ll need help getting that cargo to the International Space Station?” Then again, a cynic might suggest that Mr. Musk could be having a bit of fun tweaking his more traditional competitors in the commercial aerospace industry.