Eric Hippeau On Lerer Ventures’ New Hires and Why Buzzfeed Promises ‘VC-Like Returns’

It's official. No one really knows how to define a native ad.

When we last spoke with Eric Hippeau, the Huffington Post mafioso was discussing Lerer Ventures new $36 million fund. Today, the early stage investment firm is announcing two new hires to help them manage and grow their considerable portfolio.

Max Stoller, a recent NYU graduate whose hackathon apps we’ve covered in the past, will be joining Lerer Ventures as an analyst. Mr. Stoller, a HackNY veteran, worked as an engineer at Hyperpublic–a company founded by LV managing director Jordan Cooper and sold to Groupon–as well as on the platform team at Foursquare, both while in school. And, yes, if that makes you  wonder, you probably did college wrong.
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