Globe and Mail Trolls Internet with Editorial Supporting Aaron Swartz Prosecution

U mad?

globe and mailSince the death of Aaron Swartz, there’s been an outpouring of anger directed at the Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann, the federal prosecutors whose aggressive case against Mr. Swartz is widely believed to have led the Internet pioneer to take his own life.

On the other hand, supporters of the prosecutors’ case have been few and far between. There was Tom Dolan, husband to Ms. Ortiz, who tweeted a “mind-boggling” defense of the prosecutors, before thinking better of it and deleting his Twitter account.

And … has there been anyone else?

In a five-paragraph editorial dedicated mostly to the case of Ahmed Al-Khabaz, the Canadian student recently expelled for hacking his college, Toronto’s Globe and Mail, boldly goes where few others have:

Swartz, who had a history of depression, was facing a slew of charges for allegedly downloading publicly funded academic journals from a large database that charged a fee for access. His family and supporters blame overzealous prosecutors for his death; the prosecutors insist—again, quite rightly—that “stealing is stealing.”

To which “looney screed” the paper’s editors have every right. If they want to stick their mitts in the beehive of the Internet, who are we to argue?