Glossy Chameleon: Which Magazine Cover Is Which?

This is Women's Health, right? Wrong. It's CJR. And the cover is part of a package on "microcosms in science journalism." David H. Freedman explains what's with with diet research. Hey, as the motto says, "the future of journalism is here."
Looks like New York, reads like Businessweek. The cover is a meta look at how editorial and art departments interact. At least, we think that's what it is.
Could be an Atlantic cover story about single ladies looking at their lives and realizing it's either totally cool or totally terribly and too late. But it isn't. It's a TNR cover story about the rise of the DIY abortion. Well, the magazine is relaunching next week.
Kind of looks like the cover of Self. But then, the cover of Self often look like Glamour. But also, doesn't Anne Hathaway looks like Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
The cover of digital-only Newsweek looks a lot like the print edition of Newsweek (RIP). Old habits die hard, we guess.

Let’s play “guess the magazine” based on the cover. Hint: sometimes, it’s a lot harder than you would think. Hard enough to confuse the folks grabbing the latest issue at newsstands (people still do that, right? That’ll always be around like binge eating and purging models that are on these covers).

So many questions. Like since when did serious-minded CJR start using what looks like stock photos? How meta can the cover of Businessweek get before you mistake it for NY Mag. Whoa, what is going on inside Outside? Take a look. It’s Friday, after all. 

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