Here Is What Happens When Lindsay Lohan Acts With Props in Your Film (Video)

Lindsay Lohan acts with props. (YouTube)

Lindsay Lohan acts with props. (YouTube)

Lindsay Lohan has trouble recognizing her phone in what is either a scene from her upcoming feature The Canyons, or some B-roll of her being confused on-set which was furtively shot by a passive-aggressive Paul Schrader.

You can really feel her frustration in this scene, which is obviously from the movie because Lindsay Lohan would never spend that long trying to find a missing cell phone. (Also, like, who even owns a land line anymore?)

But then you can really feel how scared she is when her boyfriend (porn star James Deen) stalks in and hits her because he knows about her and Ryan. (Ryan who? Ryan Lochte? Probably Ryan Lochte.)

On the plus side, Lindsay Lohan found her cell phone (it was in her boyfriend’s drawer, not that weird), and also, acting!