Hunger Games Superfans Uncover the Catching Fire Set on Google Maps

Sorry, Katniss.

It’s not easy to find a giant patch of land that can be used as a cornucopia set for the upcoming film Catching Fire, part of the young adult sci fi trilogy The Hunger Games. The set, which requires a circular beach with thick jungle encircling it to stay true to the novel, also isn’t easy to replicate in a stuffy Hollywood studio. So the producers headed to a location with more space, with the cornucopia used for the games rumored to be in the Atlanta area.

Enterprising Hunger Games fans took that info and ran with it, eventually unearthing a couple of Google satellite images that show the set, located at the Clayton County International Park, all ready for filming:

(Screencap: Google Maps, via

(Screencap: Google Maps, via

Impressive sleuthing. You can see more of the images at Tor.