If You See a Fallen Hiker, For Chrissakes Help the Guy Before You Tweet About It

Help first, favorite later.



We’re living in a social world, and there are times in which  life’s joys, tragedies and horrors can be first shared on social media. Marriage proposals and childbirths? Fine. Nanovirus? Zombie apocalypse? Not our style, but sure, go ahead and Instragram. There are times, however, where it’s important to keep one’s priorities in order.

Here’s one of them: While the body of a South African hiker lay prone on a perilous mountain edge, other hikers stopped long enough to photograph or tweet the situation, but failed to come to the aid of the injured man. According to News24, the hiker slipped while climbing a Cape Town peak called Lion’s Head, sustaining injuries to hip and head. Another hiker, who gave his name as Zac to the Die Burger newspaper, attended to the victim of the fall, others failed to respond to the incident.

“It was that I was with him for nearly an hour before paramedics got there. &not a single perspon came down to us. They just stood & watched, [sic]” Zac tweeted. “I sat with his body for at least 45 minutes to an hour, waiting for emergency services to arrive while people just looked and took photographs,” he later said.

So in summary, help first, document later. Got it people? Or is this the kind of thing that needs to be taught in school?