James Franco Is a 13-Year-Old Girl; Lip-Syncs to Bieber (Video)

Franco does Bieber (YouTube)

Franco does Bieber. (YouTube)

James Franco doesn’t have a lot of down time, what with his new book he’s supposed to be writing and his Huffington Post award-winning columns and all (plus maybe a movie career). Still, when he gets some time to just let loose, the 34-year-old likes to just let loose, you know? Drink some beer, goof off with friends, and of course, obviously, make tribute videos to his favorite Justin Bieber songs.

Though the cover of Bieber’s “Boyfriend” was originally on Mr. Franco’s WhoSay account, it has since been deleted. Also, it looks a lot more like Dave Franco than his older, more famously annoying brother, but maybe it’s just the hair.

Check it out for yourself below.

Um, good for him! And Ashley Benson! It’s like Elizabeth Wurtzel (kind of) said in New York this week: YOLO!