Lance Armstrong Books ‘Moved’ to Fiction Section in Libraries

Comeback 2.0 (via Tumblr)

Comeback 2.0 (via Tumblr)

Since Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs, former fans have struggled to find an outlet for their anger. Some have taken to Internet tirades (both pro and anti-Armstrong), some have found relief in shoddy Photoshop jobs, and yet others have gone to their local library to retaliate for the lies.

In both Sydney, Australia and London, two signs have appeared announcing that Lance Armstrong’s titles have been moved to the fiction sections. Oh, it’s like the Million Little Pieces problem all over again!

In Sydney’s Manly Library:

A photo taken by British Tumblr user/library employee A Sad Man, My Friend who was inspired by the Manly prank to create his own:

You know, this is really all Oprah’s fault. If she’d just stop having all these famous people admitting that their life/work was a complete lie, our lie-braries might go back to being the truth-braries we know them to be.