Sorry, Microsoft: It’s Going to Take More than a Game of Pogs to Make Us Download IE

Pogs? Really?

Our mom didn't let us wear that kind of nail polish in the 90s. (Photo: screencap.)

Our mom didn’t let us wear that kind of nail polish in the 90s. (Photo: screencap.)

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft: The company just won’t give up on its quest to make everyone reconsider their dismissiveness re: Internet Explorer.

When last we checked in with the IE marketing team, they were attempting to convince us that dorky haters were responsible for browser’s bad reputation. Guess that didn’t exactly work out to be the Geico Gecko, because today they’ve released another commercial, and it’s basically BuzzFeed’s nostalgia-peddling Rewind vertical, deployed to promote IE.

“You might not remember us, but we met in the 90s,” the commercial opens. Oh, us children of the 1990s remember all too well–that’s the whole problem. Lisa Frank folders and floppy discs, trolls and Tamogatchis pass by in parade of primary-school shades. Feeling wistful yet? If not, perhaps a mention of Oregon Trail will help: “There was only one social network, but most of your friends died of dysentery.” If only that shout-out made sense.

“You grew up. So did we,” the commercial concludes. It’s a nice try, Microsoft, but it’s going to take more than our fond memories of Lisa Frank to seduce us away from Chrome.

(h/t VentureBeat)