Morning Links: Consumer Electronics Edition

Alicia Keys performing at a CES event this year. (Michael O'Donnell/Flickr)

Alicia Keys performing at a CES event this year. (Michael O’Donnell/Flickr)

Kevin McGarry visits the International CES—that’s the Consumer Electronics Show—in Las Vegas for Artforum‘s Scene & Herd column. [Artforum]

Art critic Jonathan Jones mulls the history of art and shopping, and wonders if the latter—”as a physical activity involving walking about looking at stuff you might buy—[is] coming to an end.” [The Guardian]

Ken Johnson reviews Nathaniel Robinson’s very wonderful new show at Feature Inc, “Outer Air.” [NYT]

An exhibition in Liverpool explores Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. [The Guardian]

As the online sale of art grows, so do concerns over fraud. [The Art Newspaper]

“Nick Cave to Fill Grand Central With a Herd of Soundsuit Horses” [Hyperallergic]

Caroline O’Donnelll and the firm CODA have won MoMA’s annual Young Architects Program, will design the PS1 courtyard this summer. [NYT]

Russia still refuses to loan works to American museums. [The Los Angeles Times]