Morning Links: Crowdsourced Edition

Brooklyn Museum, home to last year's crowdsourced exhibition.

Brooklyn Museum, currently home to a crowdsourced exhibition.

Art collector and philanthropist Maria Baibakova predicts what 2013 will hold for the art world—and she does not mince words! [Nowness]

“By the time the inauguration rolled around, things were not going well. Barely half installed, the exhibition was a wreck, a treasure hunt with no map and potentially no treasure either.” Kaelen Wilson-Goldie visits the first Kochi-Muziris Biennale. [Artforum]

“It would be probably the best museum in the world if it was a museum.” What’s inside the Geneva free port? [BBC]

Roberta Smith reviews the Trisha Donnelly–curated show at MoMA. [NYT]

The Times thought the Brooklyn Museum’s crowdsourced exhibition was not as dynamic as it might have been. [NYT]

Meet Andrea Mary Marshall! If you haven’t already. [NYT]

Here’s a look at the new, fully clothed Pirelli calendar. [The Guardian]