Morning Links: Pregnancy Edition

(Courtesy Getty Images)

(Courtesy Getty Images)

Julian Schnabel’s fiance May Anderson is pregnant. [Page Six]

The Duchess of Cambridge debuts her first official portrait and it is awful. [The Daily Mail]

James Turrell is designing a new Los Angeles gallery for Kayne Griffin Corcoran that will include one of his Skyspaces. Its first show is devoted to Mr. Turrell’s Roden Crater! [NYT]

Luc Tuymans, whose prices have fluctuated at auction, fears the market: “We have…bought back numerous works from the auctions in order not to get into the speculative wave that’s been going on the past 15 years. It’s dangerous,” says Mr. Tuymans. “Your work becomes unattainable and ends up with this very small group of people who can afford it.” [WSJ]

Tolstoy museum and estate attempts to lure tourists with cooking classes using the author’s recipes. [The Art Newspaper]

A public sculpture funded by Chester-le-Street, England’s town council to the tune of £300,000 ($483,000) is in bad shape and will be removed. Naturally, the artist who made it is not too happy about this. [BBC Radio 4]

Glasgow’s Tramway will host the 2015 Turner Prize. [Art Review]