Morning Read: 'I May Just Have to Get Brooklyn on Him'

The Obama family and Vice President Biden all stare at their phones. (Photo: Reddit)

The Obama family and Vice President Biden all stare at their phones. (Photo: Reddit)

Headline of the Day: “Why is Andrew Cuomo liberal now?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo sat down with Rachel Maddow for a Hurricane Sandy-themed Gotham interview where he was also asked if he “resented” the presidential speculation. “Resent is a strong word,” Mr. Cuomo replied. “Presidential speculation comes with the job in some ways, but it is not helpful, and it can be hurtful….You start suggesting I want to run for president, Rachel, and then they think, well, maybe he is more interested in his career and his political ambition than the state. Or maybe this is a complicated equation for him. Complicated is bad in relationships. I like to keep it simple.”

Newly-minted Congressman Hakeem Jeffries said he’s not intimidated by GOP Rep. Paul Ryan. “I’ll be right across the negotiating table from Paul Ryan on the debt ceiling, and sequestration, and the future of important entitlement programs,” he told his constituents earlier this month. “So if he starts acting up, I may just have to get Brooklyn on him!” Additionally, Mr. Jeffries recently went on Fox News to discuss the budget.

According to a federal wiretap, a top aide to Comptroller John Liu was recorded saying “this thing of ours” in Mandarin, which, if translated to Italian, becomes the popular mafia term “La Cosa Nostra.” Or, as the New York Post phrased it, “Is he running for mayor — or godfather?”

While The New York Times decided that 60 percent of President Barack Obama‘s speech yesterday was filler and presented an excerpted alternative for its readers. Or, in the words of Gawker, “Love words but hate coherence? Here’s a randomly edited, much shorter version of Obama’s inaugural address.”

Below you can find the three-part extended The Daily Show interview Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave last night: