Morning Read: 'With a Smile Called Him an Unprintable Name'

The Daily News opted to not go with "Boehner to City: Drop Dead" after all. (photo: /

The Daily News opted to not go with “Boehner to City: Drop Dead.”   (photo: /

Outgoing Congressman Gary Ackerman penned an op-ed, of sorts, to explain his last day as a federal legislator. “As I walked out of La Guardia Airport this morning, on my last flight as a congressman from Reagan National Airport, I suddenly felt lost. I got misty. Without a musket to raise, a barricade to storm, a flag to wave, the question hit me in the face like the cold air: ‘Who am I?’” Mr. Ackerman wrote. “Back home on Long Island, I am slowly regrouping, stunned by my own question. But wait. Slowly, slowly, from the back of my mind … can you hear it? It’s the sound of distant drums!”

GOP Councilman Dan Halloran wrote on Facebook that he’s happy to be among the few pols who haven’t signed the Daily News‘ assault weapons ban petition. “Proud to be in the opposition here. Vague terms, blanket rhetoric, no solutions, and feel-good placebos do not solve the problem, watch for my Op-Ed response shortly,” he explained.

While Councilman Jimmy Oddo, the top-ranked Republican in the Council, expressed some disagreement with the state GOP chairman, Ed Cox, over what Mr. Cox called a “pork-laden” Hurricane Sandy relief bill, tweeting, “Funny, dont remember seeing him on the streets of my district or calling any of the SI GOP electeds to check in/offer help re Sandy.”

Last September, Governor Chris Christie headlined a fundraiser for a conservative Iowa congressman, who Alex Pareene reports “also announced a month later that he probably wouldn’t vote for relief money for Sandy victims for the same reason he refused to vote for federal aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina: Because he was pretty sure people spent the relief money on ‘Gucci bags and massage parlors.’”

Former Public Advocate–and candidate for almost every office in New York–Mark Green, endorsed fellow East Sider Ben Kallos to replace Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, herself campaigning for Manhattan Borough President.

Speaker John Boehner apparently called fellow GOP Rep. Pete King an “unprintable name” in the Washington Post:

“Boehner arrived late to the meeting, ashtray in one hand and cigarette smoldering in the other. He turned to King and with a smile called him an unprintable name, according to King. King said that the profanity actually broke the ice and that Boehner, taking his seat at the head of a rectangular table next to Cantor, spoke of how he understood how much pressure the delegations were under and how strongly they felt, and that they would get their $60 billion. His only request, King said, was to tone down the rhetoric.”

Politicker, unafraid to print the raw, unvarnished truth wherever it should lead us, would later learn Mr. Boehner said Mr. King was an “asshole.”

Last, a spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote a pretty amazing email to a Fox News producer on December 17th, criticizing the network for a question suspicious of her medical condition:

Justin –

We owe you an apology. And I’m adding Bryan so he’s aware of how badly we erred. I’m almost embarrassed to even admit this – but somehow your question at today’s Daily Press Briefing was somehow completely mauled and transcribed in the release below this way:

“Toria, can you expand on why Secretary Clinton can’t testify on Thursday about this? It seems that she has not been available to testify on the Benghazi situation on some very key dates, including the Sunday after 9/11 and now this Thursday.”

I just called them and read them the riot act for putting such misleading, accusatory, and absolutely asinine words in your mouth. Because after what we and her doctors explained over the weekend regarding her health, you couldn’t possibly have been insinuating the ulterior motives that question implies. No way. No credible journalist would do that without any basis whatsoever. But even more so, I really went to bat for you with folks here and told them that while I know the media can often be incredibly self-involved, there is no way you, an informed reporter, would equate one’s testifying before the United States Congress – made up of duly elected Senators and Representatives empowered by Article I of our Constitution – with going on tv. I don’t know Chris Wallace all that well, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t place his television show on par with one of the three branches of our government. And therefore, saying that this has happened on multiple ‘key dates’ is simply a blatant lie and grossly misleading to the public.

Anyway, our sincere apologies. If you send us what you really said, I’ll make sure it’s properly reflected.