Rebellious Tweens Split From Teenagers Subreddit So They Can Curse and Post Porn, Okay? God.

"Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my own freedom."

(Photo: QuickMeme)

(Photo: QuickMeme)

Taking to the Internet to express the angst of youth is a long-heralded pasttime that will no doubt be bequeathed to generations to come. Once there were the Xangas and the Livejournals of yore, but these days teens frequently flock to outlets like Tumblr and Twitter to subtumbl and subtweet their little hearts out about how unfair it is that their parents made them help carry in the groceries when they were like, right in the middle of something. 

Tweens have also spread their angst to Reddit, the link-sharing site that can make you feel positively decrepit for being older than 25. The subreddit r/Teenagers has almost 20,000 subscribers, and an untold amount of lurkers. Like all subreddits, r/Teenagers has its own set of rules, enforced by volunteer moderators that have the power to ban users from the subreddit for breaking them. But if there’s one thing teens hate more than a Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, it’s rules, man. God, why are you always telling me what to do? I’m 15, that’s almost an adult!

The Teenagers subreddit doesn’t allow NSFW content, links to social networks or the sharing of personal information. And so, not content with the totalitarian regime put in place by the fascists at r/Teenagers, users have created a new community, r/FreeTeens, which probably sounds more porny than they’d hoped? Now the teenagers of Reddit are finally free to listen to their music as loud as they want and maybe even stay up past midnight on a school night because NO RULES MOM, YOLO.

At r/Teenagers, “I would get downvoted for saying a bad word, being angry, or just posting something random and cool I wanted to share,” wrote one user. “That won’t happen here,” promises r/FreeTeens. A popular post in r/Teenagers likens the drama to the Revolutionary War, because a sense of historical perspective does not develop until the mid-to-late-20s.

Teens who feel they can’t be held down by arbitrary rules created by people who just don’t “get” them may now post Olivia Wilde boob GIFs to r/FreeTeens, though one day they may learn that freedom is rarely free.