Redditor Wonders if He Should Have His Hemorrhoids Removed Since He’ll Become a Cyborg Soon Anyway

The future!

(Photo: Rachel Marone)

(Photo: Rachel Marone)

It’s no secret that Betabeat is a big fan of the stranger side of futurism, but we would not advise avoiding minimal routine surgery just because of the Singularity. A Redditor named imememine posted to r/Futurology wondering if he should skip having his hemorrhoids removed since in a few decades we’ll all be transported to cyborg bodies, anyway.

“Does it make sense to get minor surgery right now when in few decades we could migrate to cyborgs bodies?” he asked, adding, “I am trying to decide whether or not to have hemorrhoids removed. No, I am not joking.”

Luckily, r/Futurology’s rationalists prevailed, warning the Redditor that yes, we might have cyborg bodies in 30 years, but we also might not. (There, there.) Plus, “a few decades,” is kiiind of a long time to go around ignoring your hemorrhoids.