Rumor Roundup: Warby Parker’s Missed Connection, Lady Hackers Cosmo Wants YOU

Making passes at girls in glasses Can hip glasses startup Warby Parker make a love connection? One Warby Parker employee who helped a man pick out his glasses seems to have also run away with his heart. The dude did what all millennials do when they see an attractive girl, and posted a Missed Connection about her on Craigslist:

I was in the showroom Sunday and you helped me pick out some spectacular frames. Just wanted to say thanks for the confidence boost. As I was leaving I told you that your own glasses are amazing. I should’ve mentioned your brilliant smile, too. Still thinking of it. 🙂

Here’s to hoping this girl isn’t creeped out by Internet strangers.

Peas in a pod Start-Ups: Silicon Valley star and “lifecaster” Sarah Austin snapped this pic of her and a friend hanging out with everyone’s favorite early-aughts celebrity, Paris Hilton. The trio were partying at Sundance in Park City, Utah. Don’t they look like a match made in heaven?

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

Fight fight fight Sounds like GroupMe cofounder Steve Martocci recently tangled with that most reviled of New York institutions: Time Warner Cable. Seems a phone call to customer service got a tad heated. “‘If we had choice in NY we would NOT CHOOSE YOU…I urge the city of New York to change laws & eliminate your broken system’ -@smart to @TWC” tweeted Poptip founder Kelsey Falter.

Could this be another sign of techies ready to flex newfound political muscle? It seems not quite. In the @replies, Mr. Martocci admitted that he was “so so mad, figured there was some law holding back choice, either way, this just fucking sucks.” It’s true that cable providers are probably the leading cause of inchoate rage in the five boroughs. And sadly, the traditional recourse seems to be out of Mr. Martocci’s reach: “my building was built in 1897, never getting fios.” Damn those historic homes!

Moving day Midtown no more: We hear that the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator has picked up stakes, relocating from the Times Square area to the far hipper environs of the Flatiron district. The current class of 10 companies (plus several alums) is now ensconced in a spacious 10,000 feet in Chelsea, with FIT as a neighbor. It comes complete with ping-pong table, kegerator-equipped kitchen, and a “videogame cave.” Party at ERA’s house?



Inquiring minds want to know If there’s one thing that unites denizens of both the Alley and the Valley, it’s frustration at the extent to which the rent is too damn high. But relief may very well be on the way! “Is it rude to ask if/when the Series A bottleneck/whatnot will produce cheaper rents in SF?” asks Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera. Hope springs eternal, we suppose.

Hey ladies Are you a hacker? Are you a lady? Have we got a Technologist thinker Gabriella Coleman tweets, “Lady hackers, especially with a political bent, Cosmo is wanting to write a story on hacker/hactivistas, Interested?” Boy oh boy, the Hacker News thread about this is going to be one for the ages.

Annals of awkward What’s more “insufferable and obnoxious and annoying” than a venture firm producing a glossy music video mash-up of “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style”? For one thing, said venture firm producing a “making of” video about the mash-up, and embedding it in their annual report. So tell us, Josh Kopelman, about doing your own stunts—did your tush get toasted when the fireworks went off? “I couldn’t feel anything,” the First Round Capital partner said. “I just felt humiliated.”

You and us both.