Dreams Do Come True! Looks Like Steve Ballmer Is Getting a Basketball Team

Play ball!


Yeehaw! (GIF by Chris Kennedy)

Looks like Steve Ballmer and several other basketball-loving local investors led by Chris Hansen are going to get their wish, in the form of an NBA team they can relocate to Seattle. ESPN is reporting that the Sacramento Kings’ current owners have agreed to sell, and NBA sources tell Yahoo Sports they’ll approve the relocation.

In honor of the increasingly likely return of the NBA to Seattle courtesy of Mr. Ballmer and his fellow investors, we bring you this year-old video of the man himself playing basketball against some kids, because why not teach the kiddies some new basketball tips?

Here’s to many future photos of Steve-o posing with comically tall athletes grudgingly humoring their bumbling corporate overlord.

(h/t Geekwire)