Tania Bruguera and Nadia Sirota Pick Up $25,000 Meadows Prize, Residency

Bruguera. (Wales News Service)

Bruguera. (Wales News Service)

Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts, in Dallas, announced today that artist Tania Bruguera and violist Nadia Sirota will receive its annual Meadows Prize, which gives each winner a $25,000 stipend and a four-week residency in Dallas. During their residency, both winners will work with Meadows students and other faculty.

Ms. Bruguera is known for performance-based and participatory work that expands well beyond the white walls of galleries, and sometimes involves large numbers of people. She “has eaten dirt, hung a dead lamb from her neck and served trays of cocaine to a gallery audience,” as The New York Times put it back in 2011.

New Yorkers may be familiar with her five-year project, begun in 2011, called Immigrant Movement International (IMI), an advocacy group that she established to support immigrants and lobby on their behalf. Last year, Times co-chief art critic Holland Cotter described its activities:

Services include legal advice and computer instruction, but there are also reading lessons that double as introductions to art history, with an emphasis on the difficult lives of artists in the past; health classes that incorporate meditation and tai chi, linking an isolated Latin American population to the borough’s Asian cultures; and theater workshops that function as safe places to work out stress, reimagine reality and rehearse political interventions.

Past winners of the Meadows Prize include Creative Time, the New York-based public art program headed by Anne Pasternak that funded the first year of IMI, and playwright Will Power.

Congratulations to both winners!